Mother Road Mobile Canning

 What is Mother Road?


Mother Road is a mobile canning company that provides onsite canning to craft breweries and cider companies using its mobile canning line from Wild Goose Engineering in Boulder, CO.


Our mission is to provide a full service approach to assist New Mexico, Missouri, and Arkansas craft breweries and cider companies in achieving their expansion goals through affordable canning.

What We Do

IMG_20140516_114217594Mother Road provides onsite canning to local craft breweries and cider companies using its mobile canning system and truck.

Mother Road offers a broad range of services including design and licensure of all labels, material procurement, and logistics management. Mother Road also offers storage services for can inventory and will provide introductions and pricing for local distributors.

How It Works

10563192_542174455884215_8442144315018819867_nMother Road’s mobile canning line fits in a box truck and is easily rolled out of the truck, into the brewery, and then hooked directly to the brewery’s finishing tanks. We can then can around 35-40 cans a minute. As Mother Road is canning for several breweries and cider companies there are co-op can purchasing opportunities available to cut down on costs.

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