Mother Road Mobile Canning


Label Options


Shrink Sleeves:

In this process, Mother Road uses an industrial grade heat tunnel (the TriPack HT-1) to shrink labels onto blank cans. The labels are purchased beforehand and sent to our warehouse where we finish the application process. Shrink-Sleeved cans have a great, colorful look that fills the can out from top to bottom.

Pressure Sensitive Labels:

This is an off-the-line process that will adhere your pre-printed labels onto fully filled cans. The label machine (the Pack Leader PL-501) is attached to the end of our Wild Goose canning line, where adhesive labels are applied and rolled through a pressure tunnel to be smoothed out. These labels typically have a clear-background that shows off the brushed-silver color of the aluminum and allows your logo to really pop.

Pre-Printed Cans:

This process works with one of the major can companies. The company creates a die-cut for the label, prints the cans, and sends the pallets to the Mother Road warehouse.

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